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1.8 m | 4 Ft. Enhanced Standard Performance Parabolic Antenna, Single Polarized, 4.4-5.825GHz (ESP4WB-5NS)

RadioWaves' ESP4WB-5NS is a single polarized, 4ft. parabolic antenna covering the 5-5.825 unlicensed band and provides the highest gain in the industry with side lobe performance that exceeds industry standards.

Product Features

  • Covers the 5-5.825 frequency band
  • Best throughput for unlicensed band deployments
  • Lowest interference solution
  • Rugged and robust design
  • Improved adjustment capability requiring only a single too for mounting
  • High Gain
  • Excellent side lobe performance
  • Fully pre-assembled at the factory
  • Industry leading 7-year warranty

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